You have heard the classic fable
from the philosopher named Aesop;
how the slow and steady tortoise
trumped the bunny's speedy hop.

'Tis indeed no more than a fable,
for I watched the entire race.
How old Aesop tells the story
isn't quite how it took place.

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Fergy the frog
sits on his log
catching some bugs for his lunch.
His long sticky tongue
strikes like a snake,
sticks to a beetle, and “Crunch!”

There goes a bee
buzzing on by.
“Crack!” like a whip goes the tongue.
The bee frantically buzzes.
There's a snap and a gulp.
Fergy's fast; his tongue is not stung.

A spider creeps
across the ground;
eight legs working a mile a minute.
Out shoots the tongue
from Fergy's big mouth;
in an instant, the spider is in it.

“There's nothing,” boasts Fergy,
“faster than I.
Just try me, I'll catch you, you'll see!”
Then out hops a frog
from behind Fergy's log.
Upon seeing her, Fergy's smitten instantly.

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Hitchhiker Joe
sticks out his toe;
he'd give a thumbs up
if he had one to show.

By the side of the road
the hitchhiker stands
holding his foot out
instead of his hand.

When Joe gets picked up,
his ride won't go far:
one whiff of Joe's foot
and he's out of the car.

It's too bad for Joe
that the very same toe
that gets him a ride
smells like something that died.
Bring out your tales,
your jokes, rhymes, and riddles.
Set them to firelight,
to flashlight, to fiddles.

Sweep us away
with mysterious songs
of far away lands
and dark dwarveish throngs.

Recite loud your stories,
the ever so thrilling,
the thoughtful, the silly,
the frightful bone-chilling.

Oh tell us your musings,
and show us your arts;
set our minds soaring,
and let loose our hearts!