Bring out your tales,
your jokes, rhymes, and riddles.
Set them to firelight,
to flashlight, to fiddles.

Sweep us away
with mysterious songs
of far away lands
and dark dwarveish throngs.

Recite loud your stories,
the ever so thrilling,
the thoughtful, the silly,
the frightful bone-chilling.

Oh tell us your musings,
and show us your arts;
set our minds soaring,
and let loose our hearts!
How many stars are there
way out in space?
I think I'll try counting.
Let's make it a race!

You take the left sky,
I'll take the right.
We'll get 'em all counted
by the end of the night.

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 . . .
Oh, forget it.
Bees can make golden sweet honey,
and can also give mean nasty stings.
The tongue is quite like
the dual-natured bee:
it can say sweet or mean stinging things.

Before the tongue utters its word
the thought takes its form in the mind.
The thought has its start
deep in the heart.
The heart can be mean or be kind.

It is good to hold back mean words.
It's better to never think ill.
But with effort and patience
you can do what is best
and train your heart what to feel.
Kites in the sky, see how they fly!
They loop and they twirl,
they swoop and they swirl.

Clouds rushing by, ever so high!
Please answer this thing:
why don't they need string?
Sarah Sue was a girl who
was pretty just on the outside.
Leila Lou was pretty too,
especially on the inside.

Billy McGee had eyes to see
that saw only as far as the surface.
Tommy Joe had eyes also,
which saw to the heart of a person.

So Sarah and Billy got married,
and Leila and Tommy were wed.
Both pairs were well matched
and equally yoked,
and here is what they all said:

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