Fergy the frog
sits on his log
catching some bugs for his lunch.
His long sticky tongue
strikes like a snake,
sticks to a beetle, and “Crunch!”

There goes a bee
buzzing on by.
“Crack!” like a whip goes the tongue.
The bee frantically buzzes.
There's a snap and a gulp.
Fergy's fast; his tongue is not stung.

A spider creeps
across the ground;
eight legs working a mile a minute.
Out shoots the tongue
from Fergy's big mouth;
in an instant, the spider is in it.

“There's nothing,” boasts Fergy,
“faster than I.
Just try me, I'll catch you, you'll see!”
Then out hops a frog
from behind Fergy's log.
Upon seeing her, Fergy's smitten instantly.

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“I know,” says Fergy.
“I'll catch her a snack!”
So he captures a fat juicy bug.
He hops up to the girl
to give her his gift,
half expecting a nice froggie hug.

Instead she just rolls
her big froggie eyes
and then ties Fergy's tongue in a knot.
“That'll teach you, you toad.
I'm not so easily won!
Is a gross icky bug all you've got?”

Fergy's left in the lurch,
tongue-tied and bewildered,
not knowing where he went wrong.
“A bug's just not her thing,
but I guess I can sing,
so I'll compose her a froggie love song!”

He puts together the best
lines he can muster,
and courageously approaches his crush.
He's ready to sing,
but his tongue's still in a knot,
so nothing comes out but a hush.

Alas, the poor frog,
went back to his log
dejected, crestfallen, heartbroken.
But remember that frogs
can jump; he'll bounce back.
But, he'll keep his tied tongue as a token.
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