The bookworm eats books
letter by letter.
The fancier the font,
the tastier and better.

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I ate a light salad;
it didn't suffice.
But the thick juicy steak
filled me up twice.
It was quite nice.
The cowboy holstered his gun.
“Bang!” he heard his gun shoot.
Unfortunately for the cowboy,
it was pointed right at his boot.

The cowboy mounted his horse;
the horse bolted a little too soon.
The cowboy flew from the saddle
and landed on a cactus in bloom.

The cowboy needed to cool down,
so he went for a swim in the lake.
Unfortunately for the cowboy,
so did a rattlin' snake.

The cowboy gave up his job ranchin'
to retire to a life of ease.
He sat on his porch sippin' lemonade
when along came a swarm of bees . . .
I'm building me a fort today!
I've gathered all my supplies.
For pillars, I'm using kitchen chairs.
For ropes, I'm using Dad's ties.

For walls, I'm using Mom's bedding.
For stakes, I've stacked sister's books.
I need to hurry and build this fort
before anybody looks.
I just couldn't sleep
so I tried counting sheep.
I counted all night
until dawn's early light.

Not a wink had I slept
so to the kitchen I crept,
and just out of spite
I cooked lamb chop delight.
I had a fishy named Fred
who lived in a tank by my bed.
I took Fred for a walk
just 'round the block.
When we got back, Fred was dead.
I don't know how to swim.
Oh I really wish that I could!
There's a hole in my boat,
it'll no longer float,
and I'm out on a lake in the wood.
I found a golden lamp
containing a magical jinn.
My wife snatched it from me
and said with sly grin:

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How many stars are there
way out in space?
I think I'll try counting.
Let's make it a race!

You take the left sky,
I'll take the right.
We'll get 'em all counted
by the end of the night.

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 . . .
Oh, forget it.
Out in the sea by the bay
there swam a snorkeling bloke.
A small fishy jumped up
and fell down the snorkel;
the poor swimmer began to choke.

The swimmer blew out like a whale;
out the snorkel the fish shot like a rocket.
When the man was done snorkeling
and stood on the shore,
the fish landed 'Plop!' in his pocket.