Jimmy John Johnson can tie up his boot
using nothing at all but his toes.
Little Brad Brady can toot on a flute
by sticking it right up his nose.

Todd can juggle nine feral cats
while balancing atop Jared's head.
This he does while Jared bounces
up and down on a box spring bed.

In one bite Alex eats an entire cake,
and Sue can swing by her hair.
Ted can pole-vault with a gardening rake,
and flip as he flies through the air.

Billy can croak just like a toad,
and Gertrude sings opera soprano.
Together they took their show on the road
with a dog trained in classical piano.

Aaron eats bugs, and Rex gives hugs
to porcupines, spiders, and snakes.
Two liters of root beer Freddy can chug,
but Emily can drink a whole lake.

So many talents, so much to share,
oh won't you add yours to the mix?
Step forward please, if you dare,
and show us one of your tricks.

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