While he becomes sharp,
I become dull;
we both go to school,
but I'm not on the roll.

Open the door;
there's no need to knock.
But don't come inside:
it's deadly hot.

Three and three makes three,
and three and one makes two.
A left one without a right one
is not much use to you.

What shines in the night
and lives in the sea,
can be grown on trees,
and watched on T.V.?

Teardrops of green
aren't salty; they're sweet.
They fall from the crier,
and then we eat.

A face peers between bars:
read its expression.
He left you a note;
a soulful confession.

With every second,
two millimeters are traveled.
But with every hour, only an inch.

Crawl, jump, fly.
Feed the kings of the sky.

Men have fought to destroy me.
Men have died to save me.
No chains can bind me.
No bars can hold me.

My life holds me prisoner in the heights;
my death releases me to flight.