There once was a wealthy, well-to-do mouse
who lived in a hole in a wall in a house.
He kept a store of finely aged cheese,
like cheddar, swiss, havarti and bri.

One day for a feast he ate every last bit.
Now, back out of his hole he could not quite fit.
That fattened plump mouse tried to chew a new hole,
but as he ate through he continued to grow.

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He could not escape. “Oh bother, oh dread.
The more I eat, the fatter I get.
The fatter I get, the stucker I get.
Oh cheese eating habit! Oh how I regret!”

Then along came a cat who spied the fat mouse
and reached through the hole in the wall of that house.
The cat grasped the mouse and began to pull him out.
The mouse began to squeal, to claw, to bite, and shout.

Being fat was a pain when at first he was stuck,
but in the present situation, it was a turn of good luck.
The cat tried to pull, but the mouse was so plump
that the wall barred his way with a “thud” and a “thump.”

As long as the cat kept his clutch 'round the mouse,
his paw stayed inside the wall of that house.
The only escape for the hungry cat's paw
was to let the mouse go and call it a draw.

The cat gave up and the fat mouse sighed.
“I could have been eaten! I almost died!
I’ll forever be grateful for delicious cheese,
like cheddar, swiss, havarti and bri.”
6/6/2013 04:24:16 am

This is good. Makes me want some Swiss or Havarti but my wife says that cheese makes me smell fartie. Later Bro...


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