You have heard the classic fable
from the philosopher named Aesop;
how the slow and steady tortoise
trumped the bunny's speedy hop.

'Tis indeed no more than a fable,
for I watched the entire race.
How old Aesop tells the story
isn't quite how it took place.

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The bunny sure was cocky,
I'll warrant Aesop that.
And the tortoise's top mile
was a sad two hours flat.

Do you recall that Hare's downfall
was taking a poorly timed nap?
In truth, the nap was no problem at all;
it was where he took his nap at.

“He slept at the base of a tree,”
is how you have heard the tale.
But in fact the truth is that the hare
took his nap upon Tortoise's shell.

“I'll rest up here,” schemed Bunny,
“for the duration of the race.
I'll not even have to lift a paw
to travel at Tortoise's pace.”

The tortoise could not twist his head
to spy atop his shell.
But, he felt an added weight
and challenged it with a yell.

“Who's up there, I say?!” asked Tortoise,
but the bunny gave no reply.
So the tortoise started plugging along
with determination in his eye.

He sweated as he labored with might,
carrying both his weight and Hare's.
He refused to grumble, to mope or complain
about the situation being unfair.

Instead, he put one foot ahead
of the other, and pushed on through.
He was tough, he was stout, and giving up
was not something that he would do.

When Tortoise approached the finish line,
the hare dismounted his ride.
It suddenly became quite clear to Tortoise
why he had worked himself to the hide.

But rather than shout and yell and rail
at the bunny's dishonest cheap trick,
that tortoise ran towards the goal in sight,
for he had to get there quick!

Because the hare had taken his nap
up on top of Tortoise's shell,
the effort required to carry the hare
had toned Tortoise's muscles quite well.

Tortoise now took off at a speed
that left the hare back in a cloud
of dust and dirt! My, I wish you had heard
the shouts and cheers of the crowd!

Like Aesop, I'll now close with a moral;
the true lesson of the tortoise and hare:
don't go riding the coattails of others;
use your own legs if you've got your own pair.
Rebecca C
6/25/2013 10:54:57 am

Wow, Mark. That was great!

6/25/2013 02:56:44 pm

Thanks Becca! Glad you liked it.


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